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Supporting Sustainable Landscapes in Central India

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Remarks by Dr. John Seidensticker, Conservation Ecology Center, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, National Zoological Park, for the Kanha-Pench Landscape Symposium: Advancing the Conversation on Conservation, Mocha, Mandala District, MP, India, February 16-18, 2014

Chitwan National Park

Against All Odds, Nepal Emerges as a Potential Wildlife Conservation Success Story


Nepal has its share of development and governing challenges. It is still recovering from a ten- year civil conflict that ended in 2006, suffers widespread poverty, and its state institutions struggle to effectively govern a diverse and growing nation.

Illegal Wildlife Trade Seminar and reception St James's Palace 21 May 2013. © Paul Burns Photography

At London conference, Prince of Wales credits GTI for leading the way on fighting wildlife crime and trafficking

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“The Global Tiger Initiative (G.T.I.) has in its five years of operation demonstrated how a sustained high-level political commitment to a shared goal can result in significant accomplishments on the ground.”

Prince Charles

Speech | Declaration

Tiger parts - Courtesy TRAFFIC

London Conference on Illegal Wildlife Trade

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The World Bank and its GTI team are proud to be an integral part of the new collective engagement of the range countries and international partners under the Global Tiger Recovery Program (GTRP) towards curbing global demand for wildlife products. Measurable behavioral change is required, and quickly.

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Why Have Tigers Been Feared and Revered Throughout History?


Throughout human history, the diverse peoples who populated the vast Asian continent have had one thing in […]

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Good News for Animals in Nepal: A Full Year Without Poaching


Bucking the worldwide trend, Nepal continues its successful fight against poaching.


Against All Odds, Nepal Emerges as a Potential Wildlife Conservation Success Story


Nepal has its share of development and governing challenges.  It is still recovering from a ten- year […]


Transboundary Conservation News – December 2013

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Talking Tigers: A 12-part series


Talking Tigers: A 12-part series by Sharon Guynup.

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Found: An Unusually Large House Cat


When I research photos for the National Geographic Found Tumblr, I’m often looking for images that inspire […]




Estimated population: 440

Main Habitat: Sundarbans Mangrove Forest

Size of Habitat: 6,000km2

See Country Snapshot


Estimated population: 115-150

Main Habitat: Floodplains in Terai Arc, Himalayan mountains

Size of Habitat: 28,000km2

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Estimated population: Less than 50

Main Habitat: Mondulkiri Protected Forest

Size of Habitat: 75,000km2 combined with Thailand, Lao PDR, and Vietnam

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Estimated population: 40-50

Main Habitat: Changbaishan ecosystem in Jilin and Heilongjiang Provinces, Northeast China

Size of Habitat: 29,000km2

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Estimated population: 1,706

Main Habitat: Across southern, central, and northeast regions

Size of Habitat: 200,000km2 across 39 reserves

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Estimated Population: 500

Main Habitat: Island of Sumatra

Size of Habitat: 88,000km2

See Country Snapshot


Estimated Population: Less than 20

Main Habitat: Nam Et Phou Louey Protected Areas

Size of Habitat: 63,000km2

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Estimated Population: 500

Habitat: Peninsular Malaysia Central Forest Spine

Size of Habitat: 55,000km2 across 3 landscapes

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Estimated Population: 85

Habitat: Northern Forest Complex

Size of Habitat: 250,000km2

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Estimated Population: 121

Habitat: Terai Arc


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Estimated Population: 360 adults

Habitat: Primorski Krai and Khaborvski Kraj Provinces

Size of Habitat: 242,000km2

See Country Snapshot


Estimated Population: 200

Main Habitat: Western Forest Complex

Size of Habitat: 116,000km2

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Estimated Population: 10

Main Habitat: Yok Don, Chu Mom Ray, Song Thanh, Pu Mat, and Muong Nhe

Size of Habitat: 37,000km2 across 5 protected areas

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